AT&T!  What’s not to love?!  According to Gawker, hackers were able to access a script on the AT&T website that would give up an iPad user email address if the iPad ICC-ID’s were known.  The hackers, part of a group called Goatse Security (OMG), used known ICC-ID numbers to create a program to automatically pull 114,000 email addresses including high ranking military, business and government leaders.

AT&T has known about the breach for at least two days, yet hasn’t notified any customers, according to Gawker.

Within the military, we saw several devices registered to the domain of DARPA, the advanced research division of the Department of Defense, along with the major service branches. To wit: One affected individual was William Eldredge, who “commands the largest operational B-1 [strategic bomber] group in the U.S. Air Force.” In the media and entertainment industries, affected accounts belonged to top executives at the New York Times Company, Dow Jones, Cond

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