Boy Genius Report and their trusty sources claim Apple will be adding a major cloud and wireless component to iTunes and this is described through a threefold:

1. Wireless streaming of iTunes content (tunes and flicks) from Apple’s servers to your devices.

-Your purchased content will be housed at Apple’s server farms and streamed to you. This will stop all those 1.5 GB movies from killing your HD space. 

2. Wireless streaming of content from your computer to your other computers or devices. 

-You can wireless stream content from one computer onto another. This slightly seems a bit like iTunes Home Sharing that we had since last year for music.

3. And finally… Wireless syncing with iTunes. – Remember that wireless iTunes sync app that was rejected?

-Any changes you make to your devices such as notes, calendars, contacts, oh.. and apps will be synced wirelessly to your iOS devices. So what the heck is my $99 a year MobileMe going to be for?

Lastly, BGR is calling on two new camera/camcorder capable devices making their way to Steve’s stage in September. These will most likely be still shooting and video taking iPod nanos and touches. 


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