The developers behind Camera +, taptaptap, recently announced their premier camera application netted over $500,000 in sales during its two first months on sale, and today it’s gone from the App Store. Over the last few days, there has been some buzz over Apple rejecting an update to the app. This update included the ability to take photographs using the iPhone’s volume keys (OK that is kinda cool). 

camera plus_0.png

After being rejected, taptaptap stealthily revealed that the rejected function can be enabled via a simple Mobile Safari URL. Many thought the app wouldn’t last long after this was revealed and tonight, it’s gone.  

Moral of this story: no matter how prolific of a developer you are, you shouldn’t go behind Apple’s back and mess with Jobs’ lovely App Store review team. Taptaptap is yet to issue a statement, and who knows, maybe Apple didn’t pull it after all. 

More… We thought it would be interesting to share Apple’s official policy on “easter eggs,” like the one hidden in Camera+, so we dug it up:


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