At first glance, Apple’s new “Apps to Impress your Friends” section may seem like an innocent section showing you the coolest apps that will surely wow your pals. Look again and you will soon realize the section should be called “Apps to Impress your friends enough to buy an iPhone.” The section includes amazing iPhone exclusives such as Siri Assistant, Ocarina, Red Laser, Bump, and Apple’s own iMovie. 


These apps leverage advanced technologies, that work extremely well on iOS. Ocarina will blow your friends away when they see you’re playing an instrument with your breath, Red Laser will blow your friends away when you scan items at the mall, and iMovie will blow them away when you edit and upload your trip footage from your iPhone.

In its most basic fashion, Apple is showcasing apps that will blow people away, but they’re also showcasing apps to blow away the competition. Essentially, these are the apps you show to your friends in order provide free marketing for Apple. Too bad my Air Horn isn’t on there.  

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