We usually write up long and extensive reviews of the products we choose to review, but today is a little different. It’s different in the sense that were are reviewing a mousepad and mousepads are so last century. Now that we got the Magic Trackpad, and mice that don’t need special surfaces to function, many people don’t find the need to use a mousepad.


Although this is true, Just Mobile’s Alupad is not your standard one made from poor-quaility materials, but is made from precisely cutĀ anodized aluminum that is fused to a high-quailty plasticky overlay. The mousepad’s build quality is extremely substantial and is rock solid. Like other Just Mobile offerings, this is the mousepad Apple would create — Most likely to be dubbed Magic Mousepad. Mice are easily maneuverable on this trackpad and the height is perfect for any desk. As usual, this Just Mobile product fits in perfectly with Apple’s industrial design.

Just Mobile’s Alupad is a great mousepad for those who find the need for it, and it’s also a great novelty item and gift with its fantastic build quality, design, and durability. You can get a Just Mobile Alupad here at 30% off for just over $35. — That’s the lowest price we could find. If they run out of them at that link you can get one here for the regular price of $49.99. Happy tracking!

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