7digital has developed its own iPhone app and is engaged in “positive discussions” with Apple, and expects its app — which enables music purchase and playback — will be made available via the App Store.

The UK-based digital music firm introduced its app for Android devices last month. The app lets users:

  • Access 7digital music on the go
  • Sync 7digital music to your phone wirelessly (unlike iTunes)
  • No subscription required
  • High quality MP3s (up to 320kbps)
  • Integrated music player

In future this app will also offer a streaming music service.

The company also unveiled a new mobile web digital music store, which it said will run on the majority of modern handsets via their browsers. Available now in the UK it will be rolled out across 32 other countries in time.

Reflecting the renewed distance in the special relationship between Apple and O2, 7digital also announced it has reached a partnership with O2 to become the carrier’s digital music partner on all O2 devices.

It is open to question just how positive 7digital’s talks with Apple might be, but given that Apple didn’t mention music once in discussing iTunes last night, it is possible the world’s biggest music retailer may be moving to be more open to competition. Apple recently approved Pandora and Spotify streaming music apps for the iOS.

Via: MobileEntertainment

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