Chicago Now got a sneak peak and a chat with Apple Retail chief, Ron Johnson, about the new Lincoln Park, Chicago Apple Store. Apple is calling their latest retail store “significant.” They’re placing it in the same category as their recent London, Shanghai, and Paris stores.

The design of the store is gorgeous and very innovative for the neighborhood that it is located in. According to Chicago Now this particular area of Lincoln Park used to be very old looking as well as “dingy, dark, smelly.” Now, Apple is transforming it.

In terms of the actual retail store it has three entrances, for very significant reasons. The northern part of the store has a retail focus, the southern portion covers Apple’s one-to-one program, and the center entrance is something new to Apple’s retail chain.

It’s a public area with benches, tables, chairs, WiFi and all that good stuff. Apple’s Lincoln Park, Chicago store opens this Saturday 10/23/2010 at 10 AM. There will be special t-shirts for the first 4000 people visiting the store on opening day. A few more pics after the break:

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