You know that cool iDOS app from this morning? The one on the App Store for about four hours? Well if you’re not familiar it is an emulator for all iOS devices (retina support too!) that allows you to run DOS files as well as Windows 3.0. Now that users have gotten the chance to play around, some are reporting that the application allows you to access the entire iOS filesystem- without a jailbreak.  Interesting feature, perhaps that’s why Apple got rid of it.

Instructions from Gumball Tech:

Run the following commands in iDOS to mount the root directory as a virtual drive“D”, change directories to it, and then list everything in the root directory:

  1. mount d /
  2. D:
  3. dir

You’ve now listed everything from root without being jailbroken. You can use the “copy” command to copy files from wherever you’d like on over to the Documentsdirectory (virtual drive C) of iDOS. Run help for info on how to use other commands. You can’t remove anything. You only get read access, not write access.

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