Apple will introduce support for iTunes LP and iTunes Extras formated content on the new Apple TV, but hasn’t committed to a release date as yet, the latest note from Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, explains.

Support for both content platforms has been available on the previous generation Apple TV since the Apple TV 3.0 software was released, but this compatibility doesn’t exist in the new model, MacRumors informs.

In answer to questions by a MacRumors reader, Apple’s chief blogger offers a characteristically brief response to the following question:

“Where are iTunes Extras and iTunes LP gone? I’ve purposely been buying content with those features just for my Apple TVs. And now the features are unusable on my new box?! Is there an update coming to fix this?”

To which Jobs replies:


Wait and see — as MacRumors then speculates, introducing support for these content formats on one iOS device could see that support extended to include iPhones, iPads and more.

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