The iPad seems like a pretty good deal in the US, where prices start at $499 (£309), but in the UK it costs from £429, and while the product’s selling like crazy here, a lot of Brits just think the price is too, too high to buy.

A survey commissioned by Broadbandgenie confirms this, based on a poll of over 1,300 visitors to the price comparison site. Over 60 percent of visitors said the iPad wasn’t worth £400 or more while over 200 declared the Apple tablet wasn’t really worth the price.

“Over time, the tablet is likely become a standard gadget in the majority of UK households. Essentially right now they bring nothing new to the party, so are very much a luxury – especially in this price bracket,” said Broadband Genie editor Chris Marling.

Despite this resistance on price, there remains strong interest in the iPad in the UK, after all, the iPad is the most desired consumer electronics item this Christmas according to a separate VoucherCodes survey.

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