When Steve Jobs announced AirPrint back on that day in early September excitement rang as iOS users finally got the ability to print from their device. Then as a few weeks passed and we learned that this was not the case. AirPrint only works on a few select HP printers which leaves most of us in the dark for one of the slickest features in iOS 4.2. Well, that is where Printopia comes in.

Printopia is by far the best piece of software you can get right now for your Mac if you have an AirPrint-capable iOS device. In short, Printopia allows any iOS user with an AirPrint-capable device to print. Installation is a snap. Simply download the software (which does not mess with your file system!), click and install, and you’re done.

In terms of actually printing from your iOS device you use the same method Apple wanted you to use all along. Just click the print button in any AirPrint supported application (Safari, Mail, iWork etc.) and your printers will show up. The awesome thing about Printopia is that it not only works wirelessly to printers connected to your computer via USB but works on network printers too.

For instance the printer I use is a network printer. It is connected via USB to a computer that is not mine, but I am still able to print to it from my iOS devices, through my computer, with Printopia. Same goes to ones connected via an Airport. Printopia doesn’t stop there. It not only lets you print papers but it also allows you to print items as a PDF file to your computer or Dropbox folder.

Printopia is a fantastic piece of software which we strongly recommend for anyone who wants to AirPrint but does not have one of those fancy new AirPrint-capable printers. You can download a free 7 day demo here or purchase it for life for $9.95. As always if you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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