Hey you know we’ve noted that AirPlay’s gonna be a pretty big business, particularly when those AirPlay-enabled televisions no one has announced yet actually arrive (and everyone pays for the license to AAPL)? Well, here come the iOS 4.3 video-savvy Apps, waving out the door even as the iDevices head for their own upgrade.

News report claims StreamToMe App has been recently updated and Apple’s disapprovals team have given the software the go-ahead to field support for AirPlay video in the release, even though that latter feature requires iOS 4.3.

Excitingly, StreamToMe lets you stream music, photos and videos from your Mac or PC over WiFi and 3G. Oh, and iOS 4.3 beta updates are going weekly now (keeping our own Mark Gurman too busy to hit the sweaty rock ‘n’ roll venues of his home town), so it looks like Apple’s just itching to get all these new features out the door — probably almost as much as the company’s new best buddies at The Daily… I can’t take this antici-pation.

Via: Tipb

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