Here they come.  We’ve spotted our first Verizon iPhone review.  MG Siegler, professed AT&T h8r is up first with his glowing review of Verizon’s network.  No big surprises here, unless you live in NYC or San Francisco…or don’t have a flair for dramatics.

Yesterday, I made a 45-minute phone call from my office.

This seemingly unremarkable statement is remarkable for two reasons. First, I was able to place a call from my office — something which was impossible for me to do a week prior. Second, I made it through the entire 45-minutes without the call being dropped once. Again, this was impossible a week prior.

Some Fun facts:

  • AT&T is still faster at data – when there is a connection
  • The Hotspot feature runs down the battery in about 4 hours (tested twice)
  • There are fewer international (hint that this ain’t going international?) government electronics symbols on the back making it look even cleaner (see image above)

Engadget has theirs up with this little gem:

After a couple of days of use, the fear that normally sets in about five minutes into a connected call with an AT&T iPhone all but disappeared, and we found ourselves wanting to have longer talks and not worrying so much about the potential for dropped and interrupted calls.

The fear!…and

When using data on 3G, calls take precedent, but if you’re in Verizon’s 2G territory and using data, your call will go to voicemail. Another thing to consider is how Verizon’s network handles multiple calls. You can add up to two people to a call, but after that, everyone gets shot to voicemail, unlike the AT&T phone, where the numbers go way beyond that.

Engadget did a data TxRx test dump below:

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