Apple has put the finishing touches on XCode 4 and it is now ready for Mac Developers to download.

Update: Macstories was first to report that Apple has now pulled the release and has now reverted to a previous beta.  Perhaps there is something interesting in that big download we aren’t supposed to see.  Anyone?

Update 2: And it is back.

What’s New in Xcode 4?

  • Xcode 4 has a brand new, single window interface for all major workflows
  • Interface Builder is now integrated within the main Xcode IDE
  • Assistant shows a paired editor with complementary files (headers, UI controllers, etc.)
  • Fix-it highlights code where an error is detected, as you type, and can even fix it for you
  • Version editor shows a live comparison through SCM history, using Git or Subversion
  • LLVM compiler 2.0 includes full support for C, Objective-C, and now C++
  • LLDB debugger is faster, and uses less memory than the GDB debugging engine ( see notes below on how to enable the LLVM compiler or LLDB) debugger
  • Instruments adds System Trace, and new iOS instruments including OpenGL ES

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