Last night we heard the first concrete details about Apple’s all new Final Cut Pro coming during Spring this year, and tonight some new information has come to light. Final Cut Studio expert Larry Jordan was one of the people at Apple’s meeting, demonstrating the upcoming upgrade to the professional film-making software.

Jordan can’t say much about the upgrade, due to an NDA with Apple, but he did say it is a “jaw-dropper.” Besides the “jaw-dropper” part, the thing we are taking most from his blog post is the fact that Apple allowed him to write it up. It appears that Apple already considers the software public knowledge. Afterall, Apple CEO Steve Jobs did tell a 9to5mac reader to buckle up for it.

We know it’s coming Spring 2011, but when exactly? We’re thinking the NAB 2011 digital media industry event. Apple has used this event to announce products like Final Cut Pro and the April 9-14th dates do happen to fall during the Spring season. Thanks, Laura P!

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