iPad 2s have been spotted in Walmart display cases today, a day before sales begin, according to eagle-eyed Walmart shoppers. The image comes via RazorianFly and according to another customer who spotted an iPad 2 at their Walmart, the purchase would not go through… bummer.

Stopped by electronics section while picking up some coffee for the wife this afternoon. Of course, they had the 1st gen iPads available at the $100 markdown price, but I was surprised to find the new models on the same shelf. Black only (at my rural walmart.) I didn’t check to see all the models available, but they definitely had the 16 and 32g in both Wifi and 3G varieties. They may have had more. They only had a few out. Sorry, I didn’t count them.

I asked to buy one. The nice lady behind the electronics counter opened the case, pulled the 16gWifi out for me, and began to ring me up. I was really excited. BUT, the system notified her that she couldn’t sell them yet. She (mis)informed me that if I came back after midnight tonight I could get one. We’ll see.

Perhaps it is time to go to Walmart and report back with your new iPad2?

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