As if yellow tinting wasn’t enough, some early adopters are reporting dead pixels on their brand new iPad 2 and other spooky stories. Matt is our north Texas reader and he sent this in:

My wife and I have gone through 4 iPads that, aside from the screen, were perfect. Dead pixels, horrible backlight bleeding, speckles in the glass, very strange glowing dot under the LCD. These are the issues in the 4 we’ve bought (and returned/will return)


While yellow tinting is normal and will dissipate as the glue from the factory dries, those dead pixels aren’t going to disappear over time. The problem most likely stems from the difficulties associated with the manufacturing ramp up just weeks prior to the iPad 2’s launch.┬áIf it’s in fact a crappy batch of devices, Apple should replace the affected units free of charge.

Production issues aren’t unusual with consumer electronics and even Apple isn’t immune to them. Have you exhibited any abnormal flaws with your iPad 2? If so, share your experience in the comments.

UPDATE [March 15, 2011 7:45pm Eastern time]: We’ve heard back from Matt and he’s got images to prove the issue. The first image represents the glow stemming from backlight bleeding. Your dead pixels are on the remaining two shots. Here’s from Matt:

They’re not horrible, but disappointing to say the least. These are from the better two units, purchased at Apple. The really bad ones were bought at Walmart and were returned within an hour of purchasing – they were that bad.

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