With the iPad 2’s launch in 25 more countries yesterday, Reuters calculated the price of the device across Europe in comparison to the United States. The device starts at $499 in the United States for the 16 GB model and with taxes in the U.S., the device has an average total price of $547.

This compares to Europe in which most iPad 2-selling nations use the Euro as their form of currency. The iPad 2 starts at 479 euros in Europe and that converts to $678. Britain, in particular, is a little cheaper with their iPad 2 sales starting at 399 pounds, which converts to $642.

Notably, the iPad 2 starts at a converted $702 in Denmark. The iPad 2, before taxes, is over $200 cheaper in the United States than in Denmark. That’s still better than the thousands of dollars that people in some of the Asian countries are paying.

iPad Air 2

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