This above is one of Europe’s oldest shopping streets in the Hague, Netherlands. Just look at those crowds – queuing is hardly possible. Rough estimate: About 200 people. Our reader Olaf noticed that iPad 2 was sold out at all Apple resellers in the Hague minutes before 5pm local time. Apple doesn’t operate its own stores in the country, leaving would-be iPad 2 buyers in the Netherland’s third largest city empty-handed.


Not that we haven’t been expecting this.

Continuous iPad shortages around the world and Apple’s preference towards stocking own retail stores first come at the expense of authorized resellers.

“As expected, no sales person could shine a light on how many they received in stock earlier today”, Olaf said. Another 9to5Mac fan, Eric, snapped a cool photo depicting launch atmosphere and equally impressive iPad 2 lines in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s included right below.

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