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Here’s an interesting quote from the outspoken Apple co-founder and a “Dancing With The Stars” contestant Steve Wozniak. His take on tablets? They’re for Joe Schmuks, not us geeks, he conveniently told a group of enterprise storage engineers during a keynote session at Storage Networking World in Santa Clara, California. He said tablets are in this respect much like TVs:

The tablet is not necessarily for the people in this room. It’s for the normal people in the world.

He then added this on the subject of Android’s seemingly unstoppable growth:

On the subject of tablets, I read today that Android tablets are expected to surpass iPads, and I hope that never happens.

Another one that sticks into mind:

I think Steve Jobs had that intention from the day we started Apple, but it was just hard to get there, because we had to go through a lot of steps where you connected to things, and (eventually) computers grew up to where they could do … normal consumer appliance things.


The Woz, as some call him, along with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne established Apple Computer, Inc. thirty-five years ago.

One of the often repeated quotes from the young Steve Jobs in the early days of Apple compares computers to a bicycle for our minds.

He said back then that the computer is “the most remarkable tool we’ve ever come up with.”

Check out that quote in the video embedded below.

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