Apple’s pull is virtually impossible to resist, we’ve all known that. Despite fierce competition from the likes of Samsung and HTC, Apple gets the utmost respect from rivals. See a female shopper in the above shot? That’s HTC’s co-founder and chairwoman Cher Wang, accompanied by husband Wen-Chi Chen, a CEO at VIA Technologies. The two were snapped up shopping for Apple gadgets at the Palo Alto retail store, reported the Chinese-language Mobile01 site. So, why on Earth would the couple want to set their foot inside an Apple Store?


For the same prosaic reasons as us ordinary folks – the experience of being served by the world’s greatest consumer electronics powerhouse. They had reportedly spent about half an hour talking to clerks and inquiring about products before leaving the store. Mind you, at no point did Wang appear bothered by that pending lawsuit from Apple accusing her company of “stealing” handset-related patents. Maybe the couple was keen on learning firsthand how the heck Apple became America’s greatest retailer? Joking aside, the report has it that HTC’s chairwoman and her husband left the store with a bunch of shiny gadgets with the Apple logo emblazoned on them. This includes two iPads, two Apple TVs, two MacBook Airs – one per spouse – plus an Airport Express, probably to create and share ad-hoc wireless networks among their computers while on the road.

via Engadget

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