Adobe this morning announced a slew of software updates to Flash Builder and the Flex framework that will enable developers to create projects for iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook, in addition to Android support which was added in April. Flash Builder and Flex, both now at version 4.5, are included in Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium and Master Collection, but can be bought separately as well ($249 for Flash Builder Standard, Premium version is $669). Adobe’s Puneet Goel boasted about the release in a blog post:

As a result, developers can quickly build and distribute apps through the Android Market, BlackBerry App World and Apple App Store using one tool chain, programming language and code base—a first for developers!

Adobe shows off how easy it is to create Flex and ActionScript applications and deploy them on a variety of  mobile platforms via Adobe AIR in a video here. They are obviously doing a great work enabling developers to write code once and compile and run it on major mobile platforms with minimal changes. If they only matched that with smooth run-time performance…

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