Pictured above: The free TiVo for iPad app, released in January 2011

It’s been known for a while that TiVo is working on new companion apps for iOS devices and they already have a free iPad app which acts as a simple remote control for the Premiere box. The June issue of CEPro magazine sheds more light on the upcoming software, quoting Bard Williams, director of retail and channel marketing for TiVo:

It offers a beautiful, easy-to-use interface; complete control over management and program selection, a multi-touch remote that features gestures-based navigation, and the ability to manage and navigate Season Pass recording, your queue and info about cast, crew, similar shows – without interrupting your TV experience. When you’re not at home, the app still lets you interact with your Premiere for basic management and recording tasks.

Williams says the new apps, which are coming for both iOS and Android , offer a new  set of protocols that third-parties can use “to enable two-way interaction with TiVo devices for things like managing shows, browsing TV guides and other tasks familiar to TiVo users”. Electronista notes that a timeframe for the release is “unclear”.

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