According to a morning report by Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes (via MacRumors) printed circuit board (PCB) suppliers are seeing their orders from Apple dropping in the second quarter. This is usually a telling sign that manufacturing of a current-generation product is winding down ahead of a new product introduction. The cut likely involves iPhone 4 because another report claims iPad shipments are expected grow 70 percent sequentially, hitting eight million units in the second quarter. Digitimes explains:

The Taiwan-based PCB companies, which are shipping products for iPads and iPhones, have seen disappointing orders for these devices in the second quarter, the sources said. Orders thus far for June show no signs of a rebound, the sources indicated.

Sources tell the publication that PCB suppliers have cut quotes for the quarter by 10 percent amid decreasing orders from Apple. Suppliers are expecting to see iPhone orders rebound soon, ahead of a third quarter launch of iPhone 5.

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