It is no secret that Apple has been taking the heat, since their new Final Cut Pro X launched, over the lack of some critical features. John Gruber has compiled some written reviews – not particularly App Store reviews – and they all mention the lack of some critical features for professionals, making the transition difficult from earlier versions of the Final Cut Pro suite.

In addition to those reviews, the Mac App Store reviews panel for Final Cut Pro X has been the scene of some nasty and extremely critical reviews from users. Amid these reviews, we have discovered that all written reviews have disappeared from the Mac App Store for Final Cut Pro X. We have checked and new reviews are possible for some people, but now all. Perhaps this is a bug, or maybe Apple wanted their software to start on a clean slate tonight. Even if it’s a bug, it’s an interesting coincidence.

Update: Looks like reviews are coming back for some people. Weird that this only happened to Final Cut Pro X, though. Conspiracy theories incoming..

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