Nothing about the iPhone 4 sparked so much controversy like its stainless steel band running around the phone’s profile and doubling as wireless and cellular antennas. In spite of Antennagate, many people passed on the free bumper case program because some felt that keeping the iPhone 4’s iconic glass and aluminum design intact was the matter of design consciousness. Put simply, the stainless steel band was meant to be touched (no pun intended), seen and marveled at. How about taking it to the next level?

Folks at CaseMate came up with a sophisticated case which reframes your device with a cool titanium edge. The iPhone 4 Titanium case is sompatible with all iPhone 4 versions and machined from a single piece of titanium for a handcrafted look. It isolates the original stainless steel band from your fingers, so you might not experience a signal drop when touching that troubling gap. On the other hand, we cannot testify to the reception issues stemming from a possible interference with the phone’s antennas.

If none of that bothers you, the iPhone 4 Titanium case can be yours in exchange for a cool $300, which is the price of going outside of the norm for a cellphone case. It ships with a tool kit containing a mini-screw driver, screws and the buttons (volume up and down, power, mute) so minor assembly is required on your part.

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