Alright, I know you’re tempted to hit the comments and argue how the vast majority of Apple users are the creative, fashion-conscious types anyway and that might just as well be true. But as a rule of thumb, when Porsche Design teams up with gadget makers the resulting toys and accessories carry a hefty premium. In the case of the new LaCie Porsche Design mobile and desktop drives, the Mac tax is bearable. You’re paying $110/$150 for the 1TB/2TB desktop drive or $110 for the half a terabyte mobile unit.

That isn’t so bad, but isn’t fab either – especially compared to the insanely low prices at The aesthetic appeal stems from the puristic design (obviously) while its solid aluminum frame will blend nicely with your new MacBook Air. Additional info, a promo clip and more eye-popping press shots right below.

Plus, aluminum is eco-friendly and it regulates heat for better performance. The good looks come with some brains, too: The drives ship with backup software (like you need any with Time Machine) and 10GB of Wuala secure online storage. If USB-only interface isn’t a deal killer for you, hop over to LaCie’s site (here and here) and register your interest because these beauties aren’t out yet. If you really can’t live without USB3.0 connectivity, check out these LaCie Porsche Design desktop and mobile units, also sporting the aluminum casing with a slightly rehashed design.

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