We’ve been hearing scary stories about the post-PC era ever since Steve Jobs and Apple first talked about this new age of computing at the iPad 2 unveiling. Mobile devices akin to iPad will obsolete our desktop computers (which will be like trucks), we are being told. This, in turn, will leave little room for notebooks and iPad has already decimated the netbook market (even Microsoft agrees). There’s little wonder then that the old-fashioned types scrambled to design interesting accessories which turn your post-PC device into a “notebook”.

That’s exactly what this Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case does for your iPad 2. It features a thin, eye-catching design said to “give your device durable protection, added functionality and style”. We just think it’s darn cool and innovative. If you’re sold on it, why not order yours over at the MIC Gadget store for fifty bucks, a $20 saving over Apple’s standard Wireless Keyboard or iPad Keyboard Dock.

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