Remember Locationgate? Some people took Apple to court over gathering location data without their consent and the company has now made its first payout related to the scandal, reports Reuters. Unlike in the US where a plaintiff would seek millions of dollars in damages, the Korean court put a modest value on the tracking suit, just shy of a thousand dollars:

Apple Korea agreed to pay 1 million won ($946) in compensation to Kim Hyung-suk, a lawyer, following a court order in May, two officials at Changwon District Court told Reuters on Thursday. They declined to be identified because they are not authorized to speak to the media. Kim’s law firm, Mirae Law, said Apple made payment last month.

The report does not mention why the court ruled in plaintiff’s favor. But if a South Korea user was able to cash in on the scandal, we imagine a potential class action lawsuit in the US might cost Apple dearly. South Korea will be a litmus test for such a lawsuit because said law firm, Mirae Law, has already set up a website for a planned class action lawsuit against Apple in the country at

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