iPad Head Girl spotted in NYC

File this one under the ‘freaky’ category. Publisher Hearst is promoting its first iPad-only magazine titled Cosmo for Guys (no jokes, please) with the “iPad Head Girl”. The campaign employs a modern take on the sandwich man, thanks to creative concept by viral marketing agency Thinkmodo which calls for a custom-designed head gear, fabricated by MTV Movie Awards makers Clockwork Apple. The Next Web explains that the head gear is comprised of four iPads “shaped into a cube projecting video playback of each side of her head”.

Update: The making of iPad head Girl:

The stunt is an attempted analogy of a guy “getting inside a girl’s head”. And how is the girl able to tell her way with the head gear on? She’s wearing a pair of video glasses inside the head gear which display live video feed captured bya camera hidden inside her purse. Gotta love how New Yorkers give her a strange look as she strolls down a park. A couple of screenies of the mag right below…

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