In addition to the Siri feature which has gotten a lot of air time, the iPhone 4S also boasts a redesigned camera system stemming from an eight-megapixel backlit CMOS sensor and all-new optics courtesy of the wider aperture and a fifth lens. In fact, the back camera is one of the prowess of Apple’s new handset, which went on sale today in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Japan. In addition to shooting full HD video at thirty frames per second, the camera supports the image stabilizing feature to reduce shaky footage often associated with phone cameras.

The difference compared to the iPhone 4 which lacks this feature is quite dramatic, as seen in the above clip. Also note the enhanced latitude (and disregard the flickering of neon lights, the video was captured in Europe). Avid photography fans who happen to capture clips on the go frequently will admittedly appreciate image stabilization and full HD video capture. Certainly some of them will upgrade to the iPhone 4S on the merits of these major improvements in the camera system alone, we imagine.

Image stabilizing taps the power of the Apple A5 chip which comes with an image signal processor unit for advanced image processing such as face detection, white balance and automatic image stabilization. “The gyro along with the incredible new software will stabilize your video as you shoot it. This will make your videos a lot smoother”, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware Bob Mansfield tells us in the iPhone 4S introduction video. 

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