BBC is getting set to air a new documentary entitled ‘Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy’ tonight at 9:00pm on BBC HD and BBC Two. According to the Telegraph, the documentary apparently presents a more “ruthless image of Jobs” where Wozniak reveals that Jobs reduced him to tears following the release of Walter Isaacson’s ‘Steve Jobs’ bio (click the image above for the clip of Woz from the doc):

Jobs, for instance, tricked a young Wozniak into writing code for a computer game but pocketed the majority of the payment for the project from Atari himself. Wozniak admits on the programme that he cried when he heard about Jobs’s scam following the release of a book on Jobs.

The doc is hosted by Evan Davis, and features appearances from Tim Berners-Lee, Rita Clifton, and Stephen Fry. It will also of course include interviews with Steve Wozniak and others that were close to Apple and Jobs. The program profiles Avie Tevanian, who worked with Jobs as head of software at Apple until 2006, who tells a story of trying to get Jobs to join in on a stag party:

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Tevanian organised Jobs’s stag party in 1991, but struggled to persuade other friends to join them. “They kept saying, ‘nah, I don’t think it’s appropriate that I go’, or ‘no I’m too busy, I can’t make it’. Everybody had a reason not to come.”

Woz talked to Radio 4 this morning about the documentary and, among other things, talked about Jobs and the Apple culture:

I just wanted to be in engineering only – I never wanted to run a company, never wanted to run things, step on other people – Steve very clearly did, and wanted to be a top executive and a really important thinker in the world…. Apple does a lot of conservative [things] – we control things – and has very little tolerance…Even if an engineer told a friend something and it got out… you’re fired!

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