Popular developer of jailbreak applications chpwn released another powerful tweak for iOS users, this time an enhancement to the software’s multitasking feature. The tweak is called Zephyr and it brings new multitasking gestures that are inspired by Meego’s Swipe interface. The foundation of Meego-known for running on the now defunct Nokia N9-was the ability to maneuver around the operating system with edge swipes.

The Swipe navigation method was very smooth on the Nokia N9 and the port through Zephyr to iOS is just as handy. As you can see in the video above, a user just has to flick up from the bottom of their iOS device’s display to open the multitasking bar. In addition, you can swipe in from the edge-just the like the iPad on iOS 5, but one with one finger-to move between applications.

“I think this is probably the most efficient way to multitask on the iPhone,” said Grant Paul (chpwn) in his video demonstration of the tweak. From what we can see, we tend to agree. The tweak was inspired by a tweet from popular developer Steven Troughton-Smith from just a couple of week ago.

“iOS on the iPhone really needs edge-swipe multitasking gestures,” said Troughton-Smith. “Or similar. I’ve said this before. Anyone make a JB tweak for such?”

Zephyr is currently exclusive to jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches and the edge swipes are not currently customizable for features other than multitasking. Paul promises additional functionality through future updates. The tweak is currently available through the Cydia jailbreak application market for $2.99. For those interested in comparing Zephyr’s edge swiping to Meego’s, we have a video demonstration of the Meego interface navigation after the break.

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