Apple’s latest Mac OS X 10.7.3 release is a pain for some users due to its bugs surrounding CUI issues and the crashing of applications. Apple has already been investigating the issues with test groups, and it has apparently decided that the best thing to do at this point is remove the standard 10.7.3 update from its servers and provide users with the ability to only download the combined installation. This combo installer is not riddled with the CUI and app crashing errors as explained in our report from yesterday. Read on for all of the details:

Apple removed its online download page for the standard (client) 10.7.3 download, and now that website forwards to the combo download link. In addition, clicking a saved link that directly downloads the standard 10.7.3 installation puts up an Apple 404 page. On top of this, Apple removed the ability to download 10.7.3 (client) directly from software update, and it is now providing users with the combo installation. This combined installer is typically a few hundred megabytes larger than the standard installer, but users will not face the annoying bugs. This new build is reportedly showing up as “11D50b” instead of the client’s “11D50” labeling.

Users who installed the client 10.7.3 download will need to manually download the combined update from Apple’s website.


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