The Financial Times reports that Intel is expecting its 22nm Ivy Bridge processors to be delayed until June, according to Executive Vice-President of Intel and Chairman of Intel China Sean Maloney.

Intel expects its next-generation microprocessors to go on sale eight to 10 weeks later than initially planned, according to Sean Maloney, executive vice-president of Intel and chairman of Intel China.

In his first interview to discuss Intel’s business in China, Mr Maloney told the Financial Times that the start of sales of machines equipped with Ivy Bridge – the 22nm processor set to succeed Sandy Bridge in notebooks this year – had been pushed back from April. “I think maybe it’s June now,” he said.

Digitimes originally reported the delay, but V-R Zone said it was only for certain dual core chips that would most likely not affect Apple’s products. From the comments above, it seems the delay is broader than expected.

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