Apple will open its biggest flagship retail store in Dalian, China, according to advertisements spotted in Parkland Mall (via M.I.C Gadget). A translation of the ad claimed, “Apple’s World’s Biggest Flagship Store will be coming soon” to the shopping center.

It appears the initial stages of construction are already underway due to the large Apple barricades outside of the mall, but the report claimed rival shopping center Dalian Department Store sent its security team to “push down the Apple Store banners.” The video below shows the security guards from the Dalian Department Store destroying the barricades after negotiations were unsuccessful.

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It is unclear exactly what the dispute concerns. Local reports seem to indicate the rival store was against an expansion of the neighboring Parkland Mall as part of Apple’s construction. However, M.I.C Gadget claimed, “Dalian Department Store is jealous of Parkland Mall for having an Apple Store. So, the Dalian Department Store sent its security team to push down the Apple Store banners outside the Parkland Mall.” Apple will obviously need to resolve these issues with its new neighbors. We will keep you posted when we get official word from Apple on this new ‘World’s Biggest’ flagship retail store.

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