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As we told you a few weeks back, Apple just unveiled its all-new mapping solution that ditches Google Maps. Apple said the new solution was “built from the ground up,” and it covers the entire world. It features integration with Siri and turn-by-turn navigation with the ability to go multiple routes. Siri directs the way, of course. As for integration, for instance, you could ask Siri, “Are we there yet?” She will then respond in her usual sassy fashion: “Relax. You’ll be there in 14 minutes.”

Apple’s Maps solution is vector-based and has the ability to zoom and rotate. It features a 3D view called “Flyover” that allows you to see the sides and tops of buildings, which Apple said is smoothly rendered in real-time. An inline card gives information on locations, including a phone number, address, reviews, and photos.

There is also a very slick traffic feature that allows you to view estimated time of arrival or if there are accidents on the road.

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You can read more about the new Maps in our liveblog.

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