Are you still walking around with an old, grayscale Nintendo Game Boy just because you like to touch actual buttons while playing one of your favorite games? Well, there is no need for that any more. The iCade Mobile gaming system for iPhone is now available for purchase.

Its older and larger sibling, the iCade iPad enclosure, started as an April Fools joke in 2010 by resembling an old-school arcade cabinet. Manufacturer of consumer electronics ION teamed with Atari to actually create the product. Retro gamers could play classics like Asteroids on their iPads ever since, and it is now possible to do the same while waiting at the bus stop.

The iCade Mobile connects to the iPhone (3G and up) or iPod Touch (third-generation and fourth-generation) by Bluetooth, supports both landscape and portrait mode, runs on two AA batteries, and you can finally bash buttons again after the 11th game over in a row. The mobile gaming system currently works with over a hundred games, including Pac-Man and AirAttack, as well as other classics.

More product features and shots are after the jump. (via iPhoneClub)

Fun and fast mobile gaming for your iPhone or iPod Touch

  1. Adds physical buttons and d-pad to make your gaming experience better
  2. Rotating cradle allows for landscape and portrait viewing
  3. Connects using wireless Bluetooth technology (set up once and you’re good to go!)
  4. Works with over 100 games and apps (search “iCade” in the app store)
  5. Ergonomic design lets you play for hours in comfort
  6. True control with eight action buttons and two-axis directional pad
  7. Compatibility: iPod Touch (3rd & 4th Gen), iPhone 3/3G/3GS/4/4S
  8. Safety & Warranty Manual and Quickstart Guide included
  9. iPod Touch Insert included
  10. Batteries: 2 x AA (included)

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