In wake of Judge Koh rejecting Samsung’s request to thwart the preliminary injunction Apple gained on its Galaxy Nexus, the pure-Android smartphone has disappeared from the Google Play website this evening. It is not clear if the removal is due to the phone being updated to the all-new Jelly Bean, or because of the injunction itself, but it certainly does make for interesting timing.

In the meantime, Google and Samsung are said to be working on a software patch to fix the issues that are causing legal happenings. A few months ago, the Galaxy Nexus dropped down to $399 and then lower to a solid $349 a few weeks later. Fast forward to now, and the Galaxy Nexus is just listed as “coming soon.” The device is still available on Amazon, for a little heftier price.

Update: It has been updated with some curious wording (below). Expect the 4.1 update to contain code that removes the universal search capability (read: don’t update). See screenshot below:

Update 2: As The Verge noted, Apple posted the required $96 million bond this evening to get the injunction rolling. Interesting timing for all of this, indeed.

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