Update: With insight and feedback from the comments on this post, Swipe Cases has pivoted its design to a less expensive model that focuses just on the swipe screen cleaning feature. Be sure to check out Swipe Case’s updated campaign.

Our attention was brought to a new Kickstarter posting for a new iPhone case called the Swipe. This case is one of the more interesting propositions floated on the site, and we see some very real-world uses out of the case. The Swipe Case features a built-in screen cleaning system. The Swipe Case is a case at heart, but when you push the top of the case down, it cleans your iPhone’s display. According to the company’s video, it works very well.

The Swipe cleaning system is patent pending, and, while it works well, it’s hidden from the user when not in use. Swipe touts the feature as making the iPhone much easier to use, as touch inputs into the iPhone display are more accurate and smooth when the display is clean. Touch screens are naturally prone to smudges and input marks from fingers, so the Swipe case offers an easy and integrated solution for that unsolvable problem (until this case launches).

Another neat trick with the Swipe Case is that it also functions as a tripod 1/4-20 mount. That feature allows users to dock the Swipe Case (and the iPhone it is protecting) into a tripod, bicycle, or other supported things with mounts. Swipe also touts that its case provides iPhones with great radio performance, while the materials appear top-notch. Swipe says its case works on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and that the company is already planning a version for the yet-to-be-announced next-generation iPhone.

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