We’ve gotten word that Apple has slightly tweaked its Thunderbolt Display SKU, and these units have begun shipping to Apple Stores and Apple Official Resellers worldwide. The change was first noticed by our sources when Apple retired the Thunderbolt Display‘s MC914LL/A part code and replaced it with MC914LL/B just a couple of days ago.

It was not immediately clear what the very minor part number change entails, but we speculate that it could point to the inclusion of a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter in Thunderbolt Display shipments:

This $10 adapter was included free of charge by Apple’s physical retail stores to customers of the Thunderbolt Display since the release of the new MacBook Air and Retina display MacBook Pro on June 11th, but it now appears that Apple will include the $10 adapter pre-packaged in the box itself. The internal memo above is from mid-June.

Apple’s Online Store has already been updated to reflect that.

Notably, Apple’s 27 inch Cinema Display is not noted to now include the adapter, and only the Thunderbolt Display part number has changed. We believe that this leads credence to the part number changing for the inclusion of the $10 adapter.

On the other hand, Apple’s online store part code still shows the “A” code, so perhaps the change points to something else. We’re definitely not expecting anything major, though.

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