(Note: This is just the page from the catalog- no mention of shortages here)

According to German publication iFun, Shell Germany awards members, who chose to get an iPod nano with their awards points, were greeted with a letter that there is an unforeseen delay in delivery of “old” iPod nanos and a new version is coming in late September. Machine translation (German speakers can send improved translation to tips@9to5mac.com).. Update: several German speaking readers seem to agree on the below human translation:

There is an unexpected delay in the delivery of your Shell CLUBSMART premium “Apple iPod nano 8GB blue” due to an upcoming re-introduction of this device from Apple (according to our information). Therefore Apple is currently not able to deliver the “old” model..

While the Apple Store and other retailers show no signs of shortages, this could be the first distribution sign of an iPod nano refresh.  We are hoping to see Bluetooth 4.0 and improved ‘iWatchability™’).

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