With the help of a lack of an Apple-manufactered iPhone 5 case, Apple’s retail stores have so far lacked any sort of iPhone 5 covers.

However, Apple Stores will begin stocking a slew of third-party cases for the iPhone 5 later this month, according to multiple sources.

Our sources say that Apple is currently scheduled to begin selling these cases the week of October 22nd, but this date could shift depending on supplies from Apple’s case partners.

“Good, now people can stop asking me about iPhone 5 cases,” said one Apple retail store employee who we briefed on the news.

The iPhone 5’s new aluminum enclosure has been known to scratch, so users have been looking for ways to prevent “normal” wear and tear to the product.

Many of Apple’s longtime partners have been selling iPhone 5 cases on their own via other retail channels. Apple is taking its time to properly test its cases of choice before putting them on store shelves.

It is unclear if Apple’s Online Store will stock iPhone 5 cases at the same time as the company’s physical stores.

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