Micron’s Crucial will launch its M500 solid-state drive this quarter, but TechReport.com already got a close look at the chips.

The M500’s 960GB version will cost less than $600, where as most 1TB SSDs hit the $1,000-and-up price range, making it an attractively priced SSD. The 2.5-inch form factor will also début in 120, 240, and 480GB capacities:

Retail consumers will see the M500 as a Crucial drive, but the same product will be sold to PC makers under Micron’s name. The 2.5″ version is scheduled to hit the market first, followed by the mSATA and M.2 variants. If the per-gigabyte cost ends up being as low as Crucial says, this could be a very appealing SSD for desktops and notebooks alike.

Check out the chart below for performance details:

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.59.54 PM

Get the full report at TechReport.

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