Sir Jony Ive is no stranger to winning accolades in the United Kingdom, including Knighthood and what not, but he seems to be taken aback today with the U.K.’s highest children’s award, the Blue Peter badge. That’s all well and good, but, if you are like us, you were looking behind Sir Jony to Apple’s Industrial design workshop that we’ve seen in videos before.

After getting the award, Ive showed the presenter Apple’s pure aluminum CNC machines (that no doubt have crafted lots of current and future Apple products) in the process of making a much bigger version of the award for the BBC.

London-born Sir Jonathan is Senior Vice President of Industrial Design for Apple and a life-long Blue Peter fan. When interviewed by presenter Barney Harwood he vividly remembers the makes from the show, and loved that they reused products that you thought were no longer useful. In the special episode, Sir Jonathan reviews several product designs sent in by Blue Peter viewers through a series of video messages from the children behind the designs. On receiving his gold badge, he called the honour “absolutely incredible”. As a mark of honour for the programme, Sir Jonathan and his team made ‘something very special‘, a unique Blue Peter badge crafted from solid aluminium through a 10-hour process, and presented it to Barney in true Blue Peter style saying, “Here’s one that we made earlier.”

The gadget special will be screened on the CBBC channel at 10 a.m. on Feb. 16. More (including where to direct complaints about Flash) at the Beeb.

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