Market research firm NPD Group posted a new report on Tuesday that claimed Apple accounted for 19.9-percent of all consumer technology sales in the United States, based on revenue, in 2012.

Apple’s sales increased 2.6-percent from 2011, and the company joined Samsung, HP, Sony, and Dell as one of the top five brands in 2012 that accounted for 45 percent of total sales. Overall consumer technology sales dropped by $4 billion since 2010, with the entire industry having experienced a slight 2-percent decline in 2012:

Apple and Samsung accounted for $6.5 billion in increased sales in 2012, while the remainder of the consumer technology industry declined by almost $9.5 billion.

NPD again listed Best Buy, Walmart, Apple, Amazon, and Staples as the top retailers in 2012, while the top 5 sales categories included notebooks, flat-panel TVs, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

More graphs and tables are below.

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