Marvel launched a new iOS app today, called Marvel Unlimited, that gives unlimited access to a huge range of comic titles.

The new app is different from the previously existing Marvel app and expands upon the company’s HTML5 on-demand reader, Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, that launched recently. The new app features the same subscription model as the web-based version: $10 per month (or a temporary annual subscription for $59.98, equaling $5 per month).

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited is like Netflix or Spotify for comics, as it allows signed-in subscribers to get access to new releases and most popular comics from the last week. Each available issue offers a tappable cover that brings up a story summary and preview sample, and it sports publication details on the original print issue, release date, and creators. Subscribers can choose to read titles immediately or save up to six issues for offline reading.

A quick look at the app’s front-page selection on Thursday shows the 1998 No.1 issues of Captain America and Iron Man, 2012 No. 1 issue of Avengers vs. X-Men, 1968 No. 134 issue of Iron Man, and 2010 No. 9 issue of The Twelve, and much more. The bottom menu bar gives users further options for browsing by series, character, creator, or comic events, as well as access to their account.

Gizmodo noted the unlimited service and its new app boast 13,000 back issues, and it will launch on Android soon.

The Marvel Unlimited app is now available for free on the App Store.

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