With Apple observers watching with interest to see what might happen now that Jony Ive has responsibility for software as well as hardware design, Apple fan Mohamed Kerroudj has created a couple of very brief but interesting concept videos on what a more minimalist iOS7 might look like.

Former iOS head Scott Forstall was a noted fan of skeuomorphic design, a strong candidate for the most complex-sounding name for the world’s simplest concept: making virtual objects look like real ones. The iOS Notes app is a classic example of this approach.


Ive is reputedly strongly averse to this approach and is known for his view that designs should never be constrained by conventional ideas of how something might look and function. While the videos are of course no more than one fan’s take on where Apple should go, they are consistent with the more elegant approach we might expect from an Ive-led design ethic.


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