BMW, one of Apple’s Siri Eyes-Free partners, has announced that Siri support is finally coming to the iDrive console on its 2014 model cars, along with a range of other enhancements. The car-maker is also adding support for Samsung’s Siri equivalent, S Voice.

You’ll also be able to access music on your iPhone through the iDrive system via Bluetooth, rather than the wired connection required with earlier versions, and access the web while the vehicle is stationary … 


With BMW offering its own voice-control functions, things could get confusing, so you can choose whether you want to talk to the car or your phone by either a single-press or press-and-hold of the steering-wheel button.

With the latest update to BMW iDrive, both Apple Siri and Samsung SVoice can be accessed through the vehicle’s voice command controls. With a paired device, pressing and holding the steering wheel voice command button will engage the device’s voice access. Pressing the steering wheel voice button without holding it will continue to access the vehicle’s voice command functions.

iDrive already offers support for a range of iPhone apps, including several Internet radio apps, Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Wiki Local and Snippy (audio books).

As with most car makers, the 2014 model range actually starts shipping late this year. We would include the full press release for chapter-and-verse, but it’s slightly longer than War & Peace, and about as easy to digest. You can read it here.

Siri Eyes-Free is already available with the Chevy Sonic and Spark , a range of Mercedes models and (for the more well-heeled of our readers) the Ferrari FF, and is coming to the Honda Accord, Acura RDX and ILX.

(Via Engadget.)

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