Crytek, the company behind CryEngine and the popular Crysis series, is planning to release a new tactical action game later this year for iOS called ‘The Collectibles’.  We’re told the company implemented support for Apple’s new MFi gaming controller framework just in time to give developers a preview of the game and new controls during a session last week at WWDC.

Developers tell us team members from Crytek’s Budapest studio demoed the game on stage, which has the player command a squad of five through your typical war-torn environment. It isn’t the first time Crytek has released a game for iOS devices, but it is the first time it’s bringing a shooter of sorts– the genre its best known for– to the platform. There doesn’t, however, seem to be any first-person shooter elements, as the title looks to be an overhead, tactical action game from the screenshots below.

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Cytek-The-Collectibles-05Crytek demoed the game using what appeared to be one of the new Apple MFi game controllers floating around. It could very possibly have been the form-fitting Logitech controller we told you about earlier.

With the new MFi controller, The Collectibles will allow players to use a touch-based navigation and cover system, but also seamlessly transition to the D-pad and physical controller buttons. For example, using touch controls, the user could draw a path to move a single character or double tap to move the entire squad. With the MFi controller, users can control the entire squad with the D-pad, and position characters behind the closest cover with single button presses. The controller will also allow the user to control the squad (using touch controls) and, for example, a gunship simultaneously with the hardware controls.

The game is yet to be announced, and it’s always possible “The Collectibles” name could change before its released later this year. Head below for screenshots:

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